I want to create the shortcuts:

  • Linux key Super: Run dmenu
  • Linux key Super← Left arrow: Move current window to the left

I have both of them working, however when I depress Linux key Super it opens dmenu right away. When I then press ← Left arrow, it moves the window.

Instead, I want pressing Linux key Super and ← Left arrow without releasing Linux key Super to move the window. dmenu should only start when Linux key Super is pressed and released on it's own.

Is this possible? I know that it works well in gnome-shell and cinnamon, so there has to be a way.

  • What's your current config?
    – Mikel
    Jul 11, 2015 at 1:57

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my config is something like this (shortcuts that matter):

<keybind key="W">
  <action name="Execute">

and the combination:

<keybind key="W-Left">
  <action name="UnmaximizeFull"/>
  <action name="MoveResizeTo">

I were googling but didn't found anything to do the execution on release

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