<a href="docs/2015-05-foobar/foobar.sh">foobar.sh</a>


<a href="foobar.sh">foobar.sh</a>

Question: How can I remove the "docs/2015-05-foobar/" ? The string could vary between the " 's

echo '<a href="docs/2015-05-foobar/foobar.sh">foobar.sh</a>' |\
  sed 's/\(.*\)href="\(.*\)\/\(.*\)"\(.*\)/\1href="\3"\4/'

gives you:

<a href="foobar.sh">foobar.sh</a>

If there is any context, I would however never use sed but a proper parser for the HTML to find the <a> entry, and then access the href of the element found using the access methods provided by the parser.

The \(.*\) parts match anything and what they match can be called back with \1, \3, etc.. The other characters (href=", \/, ") need to be matched (and the slash escaped as it is also used to denote the substitution pattern start and end. The matching is greedy, hence the \/ matches the last slash before the second ". By not using the match part with \2 that is dropped from the output, just as you wanted.


With sed:

$ echo '<a href="docs/2015-05-foobar/foobar.sh">foobar.sh</a>' |
  sed -e 's,".*/\([^/]*"\),"\1,'
<a href="foobar.sh">foobar.sh</a>

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