I have configured aMint-based environment : openVpn, hostapd, and a bunch of other configured package. This is done on a rasp-like computer (OEM).

I planned to clone my disk on other machines. I dont even know if it s working but...

... now I plan to clone and LUSK-encrypt my clones. Im said LUSK is very simplier to "make" at install. But I dont plan to install, I plan to clone.

Is there any hope to make such clone automatically (factory thinking) ?


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Summary (I think):

You want to set up a raspberry pie and then clone that setup to other computers.

That's what I'm guessing.

I would make an entire copy of the hard drive and then copy that.

I googled and found:





  • merci Michael. Mais au delà du clone, je cherche a crypter le disk (Lusk). --- Beyond cloning, I aim to Lusk-encrypt. It is generally - and easyly - done at install, trying to Lusk-encrypt a ready installed system is an expert hassle. I wonder how I could clone and crypt in the same time...
    – ArchiT3K
    Jun 16, 2015 at 14:24

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