I created mp3 files in Linux with the mp3wrap application and then I applied ID3 tags on it as follows:

$ for i in *.mp3; do mp3info -t ${i%.*} -l yes1 -a yes $i; done

When I look at a particular mp3 file (e.g. ddi.mp3) it looks as follows:

$ mp3info ddi.mp3 
File: ddi.mp3
Title:   ddi                            Track: 
Artist:  yes
Album:   yes1                           Year:  
Comment:                                Genre:  [255]

I copied the mp3 files on my Android device. There is no audio player app showing correctly and sorting according to my ID3 tags. It shows instead title File wrapped with Mp3Wrap and artist/album http://mp3splt.sourceforge.net

Is it possible to correct this ID3 information and enforce the correct ID3 tags?

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AFAIK mp3info write only ID3v1 tags. You can check it with something like eyeD3 (a tool written in python): eyeD3 -1 file.mp3 (to check ID3v1) and eyeD3 -2 file.mp3 (to check IDv2, which is read by recent players).

You can also use eyeD3 to write v1 or v2 tags.

For instance, you can edit v2 tags with:

eyeD3 -2 -a "The Artist" -A "Album Name" -t "Title of the song" /tmp/song.mp3

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