I have 2 Debian boxes which I need to upgrade. In the past, before upgrading any box, I have used Clonezilla to create an image of each of the box's harddrives for use as disaster backup, in case Something Goes Wrong with the upgrade. (Note I regularly create file-backups (with duplicity and rsync) of my /home filesystem and config files: I only create image-backups before major events, like upgrades or reinstalls.) However, I recently noted this response to a Clonezilla forum post (from one of the Clonezilla leads:

RAID device is complicated to Clonezilla live, besides
LUKS is not supported by Clonezilla, either. Therefore
your configuration is too difficult for Clonezilla

The harddrives on the boxes I want to image do not run RAID, but they do run both LUKS+LVM2 (installed as described here). So I'd like to know, how are folks with similar setups cloning their drives?

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As long as you have the disk space, I would just go with dd which will do a byte for byte copy of the drive. If you are not familiar with dd, it's fequently described as a dangerous command. The arguments for source and destination are if= and of= (for input file and output file) and if you mix them up you get no warning, rather you just overwrite your good drive.

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