I am running program using runit to run at startup. I want all the output by from the program that is run by runit to be logged to a file.

I have looked at svlogd but I cannot figure out how to get it running.


I cannot figure out how to get it running.

In the daemontools family world, log services are just services like any other. So you run svlogd with a run program just like you would run a "main" service with a run program.

The special things about "log" services are merely that:

  • The "log" service directory is located using a symbolic link from (or a straight subdirectory beneath) the "main" service directory.
  • Some, but not all, daemontools family toolsets tightly bind "log" and "main" services and operate upon the twain as a unit. This is to a degree the case with runit.

Otherwise, they are just like everything else.

So make a "log" service to run svlogd just like you would make any other service, put it into the right place relative to your "main" service, and set things off.

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