I have a SUN M3000 server. I want to configure this as a global zone (named z1dms) which will have two non-global zone (named zu9dms and zu10dms). Please tell me how to configure.

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A regular Solaris instance will provide you the global zone.

Using zonecfg and zoneadm you can configure and install zones

A typical zone creation is performed by:

#configure the zone
zonecfg -z zu9dms
#make some modifications if you want an alternate zonepath or autoboot for example

It is very important that the directory which will contain the zones is owned by root and that the mode is 700

#install the zone
zoneadm -z zu9dms install

#boot the zone and enter the console of the zone
zoneadm -z zu9dms boot; zlogin -C zu9dms

#wait until SMF is configured and follow the system configuration assistant

For further reading I suggest you to read the man pages man zonecfg and man zoneadm


zoneadm -z zu12dms halt

zoneadm -z zu12dms uninstall

zonecfg -z zu12dms delete

# zonecfg -z zu12dms

zonecfg:zu12dms> create -b

zonecfg:zu12dms> set zonepath=/data/zones/zu12dms

zonecfg:zu12dms> set autoboot=true

zonecfg:zu12dms> add net

zonecfg:zu12dms:net> set physical=bge0

zonecfg:zu12dms:net> set address=zu12dms/24

zonecfg: zu12dms:net> end

zonecfg:zu12dms> add net

zonecfg:zu12dms:net> set physical=e1000g1

zonecfg:zu12dms:net> set address=com1ank1/24

zonecfg:zu12dms:net> end

zonecfg:zu12dms> info

zonecfg:zu12dms> verify

zonecfg:zu12dms> commit

zonecfg:zu12dms> exit

#zoneadm -z zu12dms install

#zoneadm -z zu12dms boot

#zlogin -C zu12dms

locale: english

terminal: dec vt100

hostname: zu12dms ... ... ...

Answer all the questions and configure the zone zu12dms exit the console with ~.

zlogin zu12dms

Add im1dms in the trusted hosts files and run niss from im1dms to distribute the important files (shadow,group,hosts,trusted hosts files etc.)

#svcadm disable sendmail

Comment entry for /home in /etc/auto_master Exit and reboot the zone

zoneadm -z zu12dms reboot

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