I've configured the system to use Tor by setting the SOCK proxy to port 9050 in Settings -> Network -> Network Proxy. At times, Tor takes ages to reconnect after the wifi driver crashes or whatever.

Appears sudo killall -HUP tor does not put tor right again, so I'd naturally try sudo systemctl restart tor instead.

This actually works, if I first switch to a text virtual console. Tor happily reconnects, usually quickly. I'm back at a lock screen when I switch back to X, or maybe even logged out, but the system stays up.

If however I do sudo systemctl restart tor from a Terminal in X then the system hangs. I can still move the mouse, at least temporarily, but I cannot interact with anything. I cannot even switch to a text virtual console from the keyboard. I donno if sshd stays up yet.

I'd imagine mutter, or another critical Gnome Shell component, has connections open through Tor, maybe even a connection to dbus or X. And maybe it's a security vulnerability in the guilty process.

How should I go about diagnosing what Gnome Shell processes are talking to Tor, or the internet, that should not be? Are there AppArmor profiles or similar for Gnome Shell to fix this?

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I'd use another computer on the local network to ssh into the system prior to restarting tor in gnome and get a top running, then execute the repro steps. This should give at least a starting point:

  • if that ssh session hangs as well it means the entire system is in some sort of trouble (my 1st suspect is heavy swapping)
  • even if it hangs the running top would snapshot what was going on in its last update, might capture something interesting for the investigation
  • if the session doesn't hang you have a mean to further investigate
  • Ain't too likely the who system hangs unless maybe X itself crashes, but the mouse still works and it works from a text virtual console. I've try using lsof to find inappropriate open sockets owned by gnome-shell, etc. but I wonder if a simpler tool exists for this purpose Jun 13, 2015 at 14:34

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