I have the TP Link tl-wn822n ver. C (realtek chipset) wireless adapter and I am running Kali Linux from a live cd. After many hours trying to get around these problematic drivers, I managed to get them to work.


  • So now I can connect to the internet, but when I run the airmon-ng command the interface of the adapter does not show up.
  • When I run the airmon-zc command I get the interface as wlan1 but the PHY field is null so I can't get a monitor interface with airmon-ng start wlan1 command.

Any suggestions on how I can assign it manually maybe?


You need to run:

ifconfig wlan0mon down
iwconfig wlan0mon mode monitor
ifconfig wlan0mon up

After you run these commands, airodump-ng wlan0mon will work.

  • Actually, you just copy-pasted from HERE – don_crissti Nov 29 '15 at 13:13

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