After installing CentOS 7 and restart it, it always promptd "4m[terminated]". After googling, I can't find the meaning of this phrase. What does this prompt mean? Will it affect normal OS functions?

  • You mean it shows up in a shell prompt? – Mark Plotnick Jun 8 '15 at 1:21
  • @MarkPlotnick: No, when fininishing installation, and click reboot button, it will prompts "4m[terminated]". Then restarted and run OK, But I can't figure out what is the meaning of this word – Nan Xiao Jun 8 '15 at 1:23
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    I don't have a centos 7 image to try this at the moment, so I'll leave a comment for now. Terminated is printed by a shell when one of the processes created by it have been killed with the TERM signal, and the 4m[ may be an attempt by a shell script (that thinks it is running on a console window) to colorize that word. Clicking on the restart button will, sooner or later, run the shutdown or reboot command, which sends a TERM signal to each running process. It shouldn't be anything to be concerned about. – Mark Plotnick Jun 11 '15 at 0:16

This is a sigterm kill initiated by a CentOS 7 reboot command after a fresh install. It is obviously a issue that needs to be patched as the image is supposed to reboot not halt. Probably has something to do with the reboot or shutdown command that is not interpreted correctly. Basically the machine halts in stead of shutting down and rebooting, something similar to 'reboot -h 0'. Seems to be related to CentOS 7 only from what I can tell. For now best to just ignore methinks. To answer your question: no a sigterm 'information only' aka 'FYI' error at shutdown/reboot will not harm your OS or data in any way.

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