As I work more with latest distro versions (Debian Jessie or CentOS 7), everyday I find 1 thing that was previously configured in some way, and now is managed by systemd. i.e. swap partition mount no longer controller by fstab, laptop lid close action no longer an /etc/acpi configuration etc.

We know the obvious (init, logging, network...), but could someone make or point to a comprehensive list of things that are now managed via systemd and before were managed differently?

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    facilotated isn't a word, but neither was the original fagocitated. That latter, however, is a common mis-spelling (by people who haven't seen it written down I suspect) of phagocytized, which seems slightly inappropriate. Have an alternative.
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Wikipedia has a very detailed entry about systemd, including a list of components.

Unfortunately it does not list what was replaced before.

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