I have two files, whose line numbers are not same. But in file1 I want to replace lines taking reference from file2 using sed command.

In file1:

tid.infno := 72
tid.setnr := 120 (This number 120 is wrong and It will be 110)
tid.typeidc := 2
tid.typeidm := 1

In file2:

tid.setnr := 110 (This is correct and I want to place this number in file no. 1)

A awk solution:

awk 'FNR==NR&&$1=="tid.setnr"{x=$3} NR!=FNR{if($1=="tid.setnr"){$3=x}print}' file2 file1
  • First part: FNR==NR&&$1=="tid.setnr"{x=$3}: Run through file2 and search for tid.setnr, if found the a variable x to the value (110).
  • Second part: NR!=FNR{if($1=="tid.setnr"){$3=x}print}: Run trought file1, search for tid.setnr, and if found replace the 3rd field ($3) with the found number in the other file.

First extract number from file-2 and save it as a variable:

correctNo=`grep -oP "setnr\s\:\=\s\K\d+" file2.txt`

Then replace this number in the file-1:

sed -re "s/(setnr\s\:\=\s)([0-9]+)/\1$correctNo/g" file1.txt

How about this:

$ for line in `cat file2.txt`; do
pattern= `sed "s/\s*:=.*//"`
sed "s/$pattern.*/$line/" file1.txt > file3.txt

The code will create file3.txt with lines from file1.txt, any lines that match the pattern from file2.txt will be replaced with the lines from file2.txt

I make quite a few assumptions here... the above will look for "tid.setnr" in file1 and replace the entire line with the line from file2.txt

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