I'm new in Unix, am trying to extract specific file(by using one command) form this kind of folder structure: .../file1.ear/file2.war/folder1/folder2/fileToExtract.txt

What I do now is extract the first ear file to a folder (unzip), then extract the second war file to a folder and only then I am able to open the txt file in Unix.


By combining unzip and jar, you can extract the various components using pipes:

unzip -p file1.ear file2.war | jar x folder1/folder2/fileToExtract.txt

The -p option to unzip instructs it to extract file2.war to its standard output, without anything else; then jar x reads file2.war from its standard input and extracts folder1/folder2/fileToExtract.txt.

Both tools in isolation aren't sufficient as far as I can determine: unzip can't read archives from its standard input, and jar can't extract to its standard output...

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You cold use mc (midnight commander). You can even edit the files without unpacking.

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