I have a file with spelling mistakes in it. It has a lot of mistakes I need to find all mistakes and correct them.

I used :

spell [filename]

it shows me spelling mistakes


and many others. How can I correct all mistakes in one command?

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    Are you sir tin you went to automatically correct all miss spilled words? You will miss out on a lot of correctly spelled words that are in the wrong place, or you'll have the auto-correct put correctly spelled wrong words in place of incorrectly-spelled words. It's a hard task. – Bruce Ediger Jun 2 '15 at 22:16

I couldn't find a man entry for spell, or ispell, but I did find a ComputerHope entry, which I'll quote:

spell is essentially a wrapper for the much more complex ispell utility. However, unlike ispell (or the very similar GNU program, aspell), spell does not make any spelling suggestions. It only reports which words were misspelled.

In other words, you can't use spell to correct mistakes.

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