previously my laptop was having two partition, C and D. On C:\ i had windows 7 install. I wanted to make a dual boot system with Elementary OS Freya. Hence i made a separate 6 GB EXT3 partition from my D:\ and install Elementary OS on the Seperate partition

The installation was successful. I restarted the laptop and found both Windows 7 and Elementary OS options. However when i selected Windows 7 it did not boot. However elementary OS was working fine. I want both the os to work

While installing EOS, i was not connected to internet, nor i try to ran the update through the internet after the EOS installation was sucessfull.

  • Most likely the Elementary OS overwrote the Master Boot Record (MBR) on your laptop having GRUB 2 handling the boot menu. And it configured the GRUB menu entry for Windows 7 incorrectly. You have to options at this point: load from Windows Live CD and repair Windows 7 MBR (then you'll probably have to use EasyBCD to tell your Windows 7 boot loader about Elementary OS), or fix grub configuration leaving GRUB 2 as a default boot loader. – golem Jun 1 '15 at 16:00

If you decide to leave the GRUB 2 as a default boot loader, then you can try the 2nd option of the boot repair procedure as described in Ubuntu Community Help Wiki. Elementary OS is based on Ubuntu, so the procedure should probably work for the Elementary OS too.

If this approach won't work you can try posting contents of your /boot/grub/grub.cfg file so people can help you debugging the problem.

You can also try restoring Windows 7 boot loader from Linux. Here is a couple of guides for restoring Windows MBR from Linux - one and two.

You can also grab a Windows 7 installation CD and repair your Windows 7 MBR with it. Here is a guide for restoring Windows MBR with Win Install CD.


the above solution does not work. i have finally formatted all the partitions, install elementary OS a fresh. Now i am planning to install windows 7 as second OS. Finding the tool to create a bootable USB so that i can create windows 7 bootable from Elementary OS

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