What's the difference between screen -S <sessionname> and screen -t <name>? It seems that both assign a name to the newly created screen, which can be reattached using this name.


-t <name> sets the default title for newly created shells in your screen session. If you invoke screen -t MyShell then type Ctrl+a c Ctrl+a c Ctrl+a w, you will see them at the bottom of your terminal:

0$ MyShell  1-$ MyShell  2*$ MyShell  

You can change each title of shells by typing Ctrl+a A.

-S <sessionname> sets the name of the screen session you create. You can see existing sesions in the system with -ls, then attach one of them using that session name by -r <sessionname>. This feature is usefull especially when you have to maintain multiple screen sessions simultaneously.

$ screen -ls
There are screens on:
    23834.pts-4.myserver    (06/01/15 12:38:11) (Detached)
    23812.MySession (06/01/15 12:34:24) (Detached)
2 Sockets in /var/run/screen/S-yaegashi.

$ screen -r MySession

You can change the name of current session by typing Ctrl+a : then enter sessionname <newsessioname>.

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