I installed centos and now I want to get into mysql via the command line, but I forgot my root password for mysql as its not the same as the root password I made to login to the system. I googled and it told me to stop the mysql service to do a password reset, but I dont know where it is. What do I need to type to find out where a service is installed so i can stop it?


On CentOS the way to start/stop service is next:

service mysqld start
service mysqld stop

P.S. If your version is 7 you can use:

systemctl start mysqld
systemctl stop mysqld
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    And on CentOS 7 you can use systemctl (start/stop) mysqld – Eric Renouf May 31 '15 at 17:46

service mysql stop should work. But perhaps you should gain ome basic understanding of linux before using it.

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