crontab strangely does not execute my script, although the script is running just fine from the shell terminal. I already made sure that scripts are separated from each other by a new line space. However, I am suspicious about the contents of my script. crontab executes run.sh which would later run main.sh.

This is the /etc/crontab:

* * */3 * *        root  source /opt/db_maintain/run.sh

This is the contents of run.sh which would call main.sh from inside:

#!/usr/bin/env bash

#********* Saman *********
TM=$(date --date='40 days ago' '+%F %T')
TIMESTAMP=$(echo ${TM} | tr --delete ': -')
source $TARGET "$TM"

This is the beginning of main.sh:

##!/usr/bin/env bash
# main program entry point

source /opt/db_maintain/functions.sh
source /opt/db_maintain/constants.sh
source /opt/db_maintain/settings.sh
source /root/PASSWD_PGRS.sh

#read -s -t 0 -n 9999
#read -s -p "Enter password for ${USERNAME}: " PASSWORD

Use this syntax in the cronjob:

* * */3 * *        root  /bin/bash /opt/db_maintain/run.sh

You used source. That is a shell builtin command from bash. Therefore it can only be executed inside a bash shell or via a bash shell. The crontab just executes binaries, not shell commands. So you have to call a binary (/bin/bash), preferably by its abolute path.

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