I am using the following bash script to update an email address "currentemail@email.com" but the problem I have is that the field could be anything, not necessary "currentemail@email.com" I have tried to use '*' instead, how can I run the following to work for whatever the current email is set as under "emailaddress" field?

#! bin/bash
updatevar="UPDATE email_users SET emailaddress = REPLACE(emailaddress, 'currentemail@email.com', 'admin@$(hostname)');"

mysql --user=root --password=PASSWORD DATABASE << eof

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If I understand the question well, you want to replace all email addresses on the database, right? In that case, use the following:

updatevar="UPDATE email_users SET emailaddress = 'admin@$(hostname)';"
  • This would set the email address of all users. We don't have enough information about the schema or data to determine how to update the correct row in the email_users table. – Kusalananda May 27 '17 at 11:32

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