What I Want To Do

Allow anyone with the public IP for my EC2 Instance to browse and listen to a collection of radio programs I record live.


  • All setup possible through CLI (since the instance is on AWS)
  • A web interface for user interaction
  • Browser, listen, and (optionally) download audio files

What I've Already Tried

  • Plex -- Plex was great but I don't want to make people sign up for an account and I don't want to pay for a subscription when I'm only using it for one thing.
  • Kodi/XBMC -- Would be my choice but I can't set it up without a hardware-accelerated display ( I have tried setting up vnc xdisplay but it still won't start)
  • Apache -- This is an okay solution but I'd rather have a real web interface rather than just a directory of files that can be downloaded.

So can I get some direction on what else to attempt? Thanks!


I ended up using mstream which satisfied all of my requirements. Took less than 5 minutes to setup via CLI. Worked liked a charm.

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