I use a custom keyboard with a “REPL” key (shifted: “Settings”) that I have bound to XF86Send (shifted: XF86Tools). On Fedora 21, that key (XF86Send) somehow works to toggle the “mute” on this laptop's internal microphone. I get the same kind of symbol-on-black-glass as the “normal” volume keys, and the Sound panel in Settings shows the toggle switch moving (Settings → Sound → Input → Input Volume → On/Off). However, unlike the volume up/down/mute keys, there doesn't seem to be a place to rebind this key in Settings → Keyboard → Shortcuts → Sound and Media (nor anywhere else that I've checked).

This prevents the key from appearing to applications (eg I have it bound to bring up a REPL or similar sessions in Emacs for various languages). xev shows some line noise, but no real keystroke, and <Help> k <XF86Send> in Emacs never gets the REPL/Send keystroke (it still awaits with Describe key (or click menu):)

  • Is this a part of the Gnome Shell, or some other coöperating program?

Or, more significantly:

  • Can I remove this binding, maybe via dconf editing or something?

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