Is there actually any way / plugin to be able to quickly jump to a session?

Currently I <leader>s to open the session-list page and then I select the one I want.

And if I have a session that I want to jump to a lot, I don't know how to do it.

  • You could use byobu. It is built on the top of tmux and its key-bindings are more sensible. – shivams May 26 '15 at 19:08

You are likely looking for 'switch-client' command

switchc -t <session name|number>


# create a named session
tmux new -s 'main_session'

# to switch to it you would use the command
switchc -t 'main_session'

To the session which you jump a lot, if you name it the same every time then you can bind a key for it. In your ~/.tmux.conf file add

bind  J  switchc -t 'main_session'

Other great options would be :

# last session used, great for toggling between two sessions
# tmux binds this command to 'L' by default
switchc -l

# to rotate through all sessions
switchc -n

# to go to a named session
command-prompt -p 'switch to session : ' 'switchc -t %1'

You could add these bindings to your ~/.tmux.conf

# rotate through sessions
bind  R  switchc -n

# go to a session by name
bind  S  command-prompt -p 'Session name : ' 'switchc -t %1'  

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