I am looking for a scaled down version of Linux/Unix

I am looking for the most scaled down distribution of Linux/Unix that I can install on an old computer. Features listed below.

  • Minimal GUI: Preferably a command line environment where all image files are handled by something similar to Delphi.
  • Dependencies: I would like the OS/dist. to be able to handle .txt files and some image files from the get go.
  • Preferably some compatibility with modern systems: For example, the possibility to use Synaptic, or equivalent, to download Latex packages and compile from the command line/terminal without errors.
  • Minimal amount of structure when installed: The difference between this question and Unix without a GUI for old machine is that I don't need the distribution to be usable "out of the box".

What I am looking for is the least squares projection of all the properties above.

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I hope you need a minimal distro which ships with just linux.

You will find Siltaz quite useful. It is quite minimal and when loaded through a cd you have the option to remove the cd and still use the distro as it loads completely on the ram.

This feature is quite recommended if you don't want to blow your PC out. Also its just 30mb small, cool little distro.

If you need a more functional distro try Alpine.

note Siltaz is not that beginner friendly as other distros but packs quite a punch.

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