I recently installed Bluedevil on my Fedora 21 XFCE notebook to be able to use my AS-600 bluetooth headphones, and they worked pretty well, the problem now is that whenever I mute the audio by running amixer set Master toggle -q I can't un-mute it by running it again, I have to head to the mixer and manually un-mute it by clicking on the small speaker icon under the speaker:

Before "muting":

enter image description here

In "muted" state:

enter image description here

After "un-muting":

enter image description here

As you can see, the amixer set Master toggle -q command mutes both the Master and Speaker channels but it only un-mutes the Master channel when run again, I have to note that this didn't happen before installing bluedevil and pulseaudio-bluetooth, and uninstalling them just didn't do the trick.


There seems to be some bug between ALSA and Pulseaudio.

To fix this, set the device flag to pulse:

amixer -D pulse sset Master toggle -q

(source: arch wiki)

  • I started using pulse (pavucontrol) instead of alsamixer to control the volume and many issues have been gone, but I can confirm that by manually specifying the device flag this issue is solved. – arielnmz Nov 7 '16 at 13:47

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