I don't why a + sign appears in the my program:


this is when I run the program in my server, which actually prints my current time n date, though it takes the time back 3 hours.

This is the time and date output in my own machine without the + sign


how can I set the server time with the + sign to my system time format without the + sign? because my program only works in this way without the + sign.

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    What is your local time zone? I take it that it's not +04:00? If the time is three hours off your local time then I guess you are in something like +07:00 (south Asia near or around Myanmar, at a quick guess?)?
    – Celada
    May 23 '15 at 14:25

You need to write in BIOS, Suppose you want to change date strings to the following string:

root@debian:/home/mohsen# date -s "Sat May 23 18:56:59 IRDT 2015"
root@debian:/home/mohsen# hwclock -w

An first line you set a date, But you need to write in bios, In second line with hwclock -w you write your time in bios.

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