I have an application environment where two containers need to talk to each other. Container A gets a message from Container B, and Container A initiates a connection back to Container B using the IP address of the connection from B.

So I need the container IP addresses to be on the same network as the hosts. I followed this Docker + Bridges + DHCP instruction.

Problem: I never get the eth0 device in the container. My container is started from ubuntu:14.04, I added lxc to it.

The container is started with additional params --net=none --lxc-conf=\"lxc.network.type=veth\" \ --lxc-conf=\"lxc.network.link=br0\" --lxc-conf=\"lxc.network.name=eth0\" --lxc-conf=\"lxc.network.flags=up\" "

But I don't see that interface in the container.. ifconfig returns only for lo.

What did I miss? My container has a custom startup script.

Edit: My host is runnung ubuntu 14.04 latest.
the host has lxc installed as well as docker (installed today).

Docker inspect on the container shows the lxc-conf keys defined.

It's like lxc is not executing, but I don't know why. Debug of lxc invocations is a known issue with no current solution.

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