I want to write a php script for monitoring particular process using top command and write into the file.

I use top -p pid for monitoring a particular process and also i write a shell script for that.



echo 'counter value is :- '$counter
while [ $counter -lt 3 ]
        echo 'inside while'
        top -b -n 1 |grep $PROCNAME >> $FILE
        sleep $TIMEOUT
        echo $counter
echo 'while loop end'

This script will monitor init process after 5 sec for 3 times and write the it into file.

How can I write the same script in PHP?


Why not use

top -bd 5 -n 3 -p `pidof init` >> /home/test/nik/myscriptoutput2

instead of your whole script...

In PHP you can use

   $file  = "/home/test/nik/myscriptoutput2";
   $output = shell_exec('top -bd 5 -n 3 -p `pidof init`');
   file_put_contents($file, $output);
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  • Thank you it working successfully but using top -b -n 1 |grep init command. – Nikhil Patil May 22 '15 at 11:50
  • top -bd 5 -n 3 -p pidof init this command is not working it will show error (top: bad pid 'pidof init') – Nikhil Patil May 22 '15 at 11:51
  • You need to use backticks (`) instead of single quotes ('). – Lambert May 22 '15 at 11:53

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