An MP3 file can support three different types of tags (that I am aware of): ID3V1, ID3V2.4 and APE. I would like to know how to remove an APE tag in an MP3 file or files, since it is giving me headaches with my audio player. I am familiar with EasyTag and, more recently (today), with Mp3Diags; however, none of them seems to be able to just delete the APE tag.

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Install the good old apetag (github), then do something like this:

find /some/dir -iname '*.mp3' -exec apetag -i {} -m overwrite \;

It's probably a good idea to make backups, and try the operation on a small subset of files first.

  • Use the version at GitHub instead. The old version (1.12) seems unable to read an APE tag from a MP3 file with an ID3 v1 tag.
    – n.r.
    Jul 26, 2020 at 12:40

To purge only the APE tag from an MP3 file, use the erase mode from newer versions of apetag available at GitHub

apetag -m erase -i file.mp3

(This preserves the ID3 v1 tag if any.)

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