I'm currently running Debian Stretch (amd64), Gnome Shell (Gnome 3). My hardware is NVidia GT220. I installed properitary drivers from the repository. I'm experiencing bad response times from Gnome Terminal, for example when coding in Vim. Cursor movement is delayed, etc. But when I'm typing this message I also have lags, hmm... Is there a bug in drivers (340.76)? Does anyone heard about the problem, and maybe a solution? Or this is not a graphics problem, but the environment?

CPU is AMD Phenom II x4 945. glxgears returns ~6300 FPS.


It seems to be due to Gnome3 in the first place. I run Gnome 3.16 on top of Arch and I also experience a serieus lag with the terminal and sometimes high cpu usage.

Gnome still has a couple of bugs, since 2011..


Just google on the combo Gnome and high memory usage.


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