When I press m to send a new email in Mutt, it first asks for the recipient ("To" header), and then for the Subject. After that, it opens the email in Vim so I can actually write my email.
I've set edit_headers in my muttrc file so that I can just add recipients and such from Vim, so the contents of the new file is:

From: Martin Tournoij <[email protected]>
To: [email protected]
Subject: Hey there

The issue is, I use a Vim function to complete email addresses, so I don't know the correct email address before I've started Vim. I work around this by filling in "asdf" or some such when mutt asks for the recipient.

Is there any way I can tell mutt to skip asking for the recipient? I would prefer if it would only skip the recipient, and that it continues to ask for the Subject, but skipping both (and going straight to Vim) would also be okay.

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Setting autoedit=yes, composing will go directly to the message editor without prompting for recipient or subject.

Note that you must also have edit_headers set.

As @lcd047 mentions, this feature inhibits all the send hooks before calling the editor.

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