The machine was running Debian wheezy and was recently upgraded to Jessie. Everything has worked fine for some time. However, after a reboot today the desktop won't load.

/var/log/messages shows gnome-shell: segfault at 0 error 4 in libupower-glib.so.3.0.0

I have tried reinstalling gnome-session, gdm3, libupower.

(Sorry about the formatting, I'm on a phone.)

  • Sounds like a bug. Report it? (As a temporary workaround, try a plain window manager like twm.) – Anko May 20 '15 at 20:05
  • I did file a bug on this and recent updates seem to have fixed the problem (things that rely on libupower are working again) though i'm not sure if my bug report mattered. – user1794469 Feb 7 '16 at 22:00

This may probably a bug, you should report it...and the solution.. Temporary install another desktop and waiting for reply, if you have ability, compile it yourself. PS: first you can find your system installed glib version, then compile the same version of glib replace stock one, have a try...

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