I have a production server (in my case Suse Linux) that is not connected to the outside internet. I can copy files to it via SCP and I have root rights, but I would not be able to connect to remote repos.

I would like to install several packages on this production server. Is there a way to run an installation on a parallel server (connected to the internet), keep all downloaded installation source files, copy them to the prod server and run there the installation of the new packages with local packages?

  • or a proxy with rules to only allow access to the package servers ... depending on your local security policy
    – Skaperen
    May 20 '15 at 12:11

You can use a program called yumdownloader to download the rpms in the parallel server connected to internet.

yum install yum-utils
yumdownloader <package_name>

And in the target server, you can scp the rpms and install it using the below command.

yum localinstall <rpm_name>
  • SuSE doesn't have yum
    – myaut
    May 20 '15 at 12:45

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