On my server I have a bunch of accounts that have WordPress installed and also have backup directories in the format: softaculous_backups.

I can find all the directories using the command:

$ find  / -type d -name "softaculous_backups" -ls

I can use commands to check the disk space used by each folder like:

$ du -smc * | sort -n
$ du -sh *


But, how do I combine the two commands into one, so I get output like:

Size                   Directory
123456789              /home/useraccount/softaculous_backups

How about that:

find / -type d -name "softaculous_backups" -exec du -sm {} \; | sort -n

For every found directory, du -sm is executed. After that all output is sorted numerically.

  • Note that you don't need to run one du instance per directory. You can use -exec du -sm {} + instead (though the output could be different if some of those directories share files (as hardlinks)). You may (or may not) also want to use -prune on those directories to avoid considering softaculous_backups directories inside other softaculous_backups directories (and save having to look for them inside). The sort -n part assumes file paths don't contain newline directories. May 19 '15 at 9:13
  • Holy cow that was BRILLIANT! Thanks so much, that works even better than expected! May 20 '15 at 7:05

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