I have a large .csv file with my customers Name:Email

I have another large list of emails that are part of this list and only want to keep those. How can I remove all contacts from the .csv file that are not in X.txt?

  • Expand your post and put a few lines of your originial of your file and put target file(removed some fields) – PersianGulf May 18 '15 at 15:38

If you don't need the email to be in a particular field of the .csv file, and only need to print those lines of the file that contain one of the target emails, you could just use grep:

grep -wFf emails.txt file.csv > newfile.csv

If they do need to be in a specific field, use @ChrisDown's solution. Note, however, that csv files can be quite complex. For example, this is a valid csv line:

field1,"field 2, which can contain commas, is here", field3

For such, more complex files, you will need to use a csv parser to deal with them correctly. For example, in Perl, you can use Text::CSV:

  1. Install cpanm (if you use Perl, you'll thank me later)

    $ sudo apt-get install cpanminus

    If you're not on a Debian based system, you should be able to install it using your distribution's package manager.

  2. Install the Text::CSV module

    $ sudo cpanm Text::CSV
  3. Parse your file

    $ perl -MText::CSV -le '
            while(<$f>){chomp; $k{$_}++;}
        while ($row = $csv->getline(STDIN)){
          print join",", @$row if defined($k{$row->[2]})
        }' < file.csv

Assuming that the e-mails in X.txt are one per line, you can build an array, check it for existence, and then print out the matching lines:

$ awk -F: 'FNR==NR { a[$2] = $0; next } ($1 in a) { print a[$1] }' customers.csv X.txt
Foo Bar:foo@bar.com
Baz Qux:baz@qux.com

FNR==NR will only be true when in the first file. Here are the files I used to test this:

$ cat customers.csv 
Foo Bar:foo@bar.com
Baz Qux:baz@qux.com
Wibble Wobble:wibble@wobble.com
$ cat X.txt 

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