I'm attempting to use lsyncd to automatically move files to my local development server. My host is OSX 10.9.

SSH on the server works. I can connect using ssh from the host. I am using an SSH key to login. I want to do the same with lsyncd and have it use the same key.

I have installed https://github.com/markcarver/mac-ssh-askpass because OSX doesn't include ssh-askpass but it keeps asking for the password for root@snapdev.com.

I've had such a headache using lsyncd on Mac OSX 10.9. Google doesn't help much as the options used between the different versions of lsyncd have changed and articles/guides are inconsistent.

Here is my settings file:

settings {
        logfile = "/var/log/lsyncd/lsyncd.log",
        statusFile = "/var/log/lsyncd/lsyncd.status",
        statusInterval = 1
sync {
        source = "/Users/jay/Desktop/snapnames",
    host = "snapdev.com",
    targetdir = "~/public_html",
    excludeFrom = "/etc/lsyncd/lsyncd.dev.exclude",
    rsync = {
        protect_args = false,
        archive = true,
        compress = false,
        whole_file = false,
    ssh = {
        port = 1337,
        _extra = {"/usr/bin/ssh -l developer -p 1337 -i /Users/jay/.ssh/id_rsa.pub -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no"}

Why is it asking for a password? SSH works without a password using my key on the same host.

So confused because I am not even logging in as root

Edit: I've now switched to using Grunt. Too much hassle with lsyncd on OSX. I'd still like an answer though so I know where I was going wrong.


It looks like you're submitting the public version of your key instead of your private.

Try changing:




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