I have an OpenSSH server running under Ubuntu 14.04LTS. I'm connecting to it from a Windows 7 machine via PuTTY's SSH client. I have found this option on Putty client named Disable remote-controlled window title changing:

              Disable remote-controlled window title changing

... that, basically, allows the SSH Server to change the Putty's window title. But I have found no docs about how can OpenSSH-Server at the Linux side be configured to send such window title change order.

If that info is on sshd_config I have not found it.

I have only found methods for changing this window title at the client (they must be run at the client side), but this is not what I am searching for (due to I use different SSH clients, not only Putty). For example, the Putty method is at Windows --> Behaviour --> Window title:

              enter image description here

Additional points

  1. In order to make things clearer, let's suppose some scenario where we only have control of the SSH Server machine, and we can not modify/access/configure anything on the SSH client.
  2. The way to solve this Send title change order for Bitvise SSH Server (Windows version) is here. I don't think it will be useful for OpenSSH Server as long as it is a Linux program, but... who knows? Anyway, it is a good working example of the case scenario referred to on the above point 1: the only change is made on the server side, and the title window on the remote connecting (via SSH) computer gets automatically changed

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It's a shell feature, not a feature of sshd. You need to make the shell running on the SSH server send a title change control sequence. See How to change the title of an xterm for explanations.

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    @SopalajodeArrierez & cuonglm: Actually, this does answer the question, albeit tersely. Sending the order is a shell feature (interpreting the order is a feature of PuTTY). Commented May 17, 2015 at 21:45

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