I want to send sSMS periodically to certain Mobile numbers (Indian mobile numbers.) Is there a way I can send an SMS with my own cellphone number or by creating an account on a site like way2sms?

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This question hasn't much to do with Linux, but many providers also allow you to send a SMS to a mobile number via email, e.g. to send a SMS to 555-1234 you would send an email message to 5551234@smsgateway.provider.com or similar. In this case on Linux you can achieve what you want via the command

mail 5551234@smsgateway.provider.com < sms.txt
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Yes, but you need an SMS Gateway account. Specific details on using the gateway are available on the providers sites.

Here's an example:

curl http://textbelt.com/text -d number=5551551555 -d "message=hello from OSXDaily.com"


  • This answer would be more useful if you could verify that this method worked in India, and also specified a workable provider for this service. I'm also in India, and am somewhat interested in such a service. – Faheem Mitha May 16 '15 at 9:18
  • @FaheemMitha ehm, I am not so sure. The OP is not responsible for checking if the method works everywhere. – sitilge Dec 24 '16 at 0:21
  • Everywhere? The question specifies India. – Faheem Mitha Dec 24 '16 at 14:38

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