I have an Exim mail server which takes care of mail for domain.com.

I have a MX record mail.domain.com which points to mailserver.domain.com, which is an A record to the server's IP.

If I want to receive mail for sub.domain.com, I have to add a MX record mail.sub.domain.com pointing to mailserver.domain.com. Is there anything else I have to do?


Subdomains of registrable domain names are no more special than the "raw" domain which has fewer components. To be able to receive e-mail for domain foo.example, you would need:

  • A DNS MX record of foo.example to mx-foo.example;
  • A DNS A record of mx-foo.example to the address of a mail server;
  • configuring the mail server so that it accepts mail for foo.example as local.

I believe you have all the right steps in your question, except for the last one: making sure the mail server knows it is supposed to handle mail for the extra domain foo.example.

  • A fixed IP address is also a requirement or at least a strong condition for reduced hassle with spam-aware senders and delivery delays. Implied with the question but I think worth mentioning. – user86969 May 12 '15 at 7:21

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