I performed a dist-upgrade and then and autoclean and autoremove. It disabled the Virtual Box service on Linux because the headers were out of date. The headers caught up, so I rebuilt the modules off the Guest Additions CD.

I'm trying to start the service again, but I can't seem to find the command. For example, I found How to automatically start and shut down VirtualBox machines?, but it talks about using the Virtual Box manager and not Ubuntu's service control.

How do I start How to start Virtual Box service on Ubuntu Linux?

If needed, how do I reinstall the Virtual Box service on Ubuntu Linux?


On my Deepin Linux (a variant of Ubuntu), I know two ways to start the Virtualbox services.

  1. In the terminal type service --status-all -- It will list the services registered in system with the status mentioned in output. You can see VirtualBox related services with the name vbox*.
  2. This step is now trivial. To start a service type service service_name start where service_name is the service name you saw in step 1. E.g.: If the service name is vboxautostart-service then type service vboxautostart-service start.


  1. Go into /etc/init.d. Type ls -l to list files (services) and look for services with the name vbox*. Make sure that they are executable.
  2. Executing them is similar to executing a binary. E.g.: To start vboxdrv service, the command would be ./vboxdrv start.

In both the methods, you can choose not to issue start to see all parameters available for the service.

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