I am trying to automate the installation of Ubuntu 14.04 Server. While trying to set the keyboard layout to German, I noticed two different configuration options: keyboard-configuration/layout and keyboard-configuration/layoutcode

What is the difference? Do I need both? Which one can be passed as boot parameter and which has to go into a preseed file?

Where can I find a list with legitimate values? Am I right, that, for a German keyboard layout, I have to set the boot parameters to:

keyboard-configuration/layout=German and keyboard-configuration/layoutcode=de ?


From debconf, each of them is different in some subtle way:

keyboard-configuration keyboard-configuration/layoutcode string de

Here, layoutcode only accepts short strings, like "en", "es", "es-LA", etc. is the equivalent of typing it with the keyboard in the d-i interface.

keyboard-configuration keyboard-configuration/layout select German

Here is the equivalent to the scrollable menu, where all options are in a readable format, like "English (US)" or "English (UK)".

So, difference isn't very noticeable. You can use layoutcode if you want to fine select which layout your keyboard is, layout is the more user-friendly list where you can just type the full name.

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