SSH login take too much time in my CentOS machine, and also a ftp server is running on it.

Please help me to speedup the login time for both root and ftp user. I tried some tricks but no improvements.

Tries are shown below:

Already added some thinks into cat /etc/ssh/ssh_config

GSSAPIAuthentication no

UseDNS no

SSH login time is :

real 0m18.950s

user 0m0.022s

sys 0m0.016s

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  • What is the relevance of the ftp server to slow ssh logins, please? – roaima May 11 '15 at 7:45
  • Post the output of ssh -vv yourserver – Gilles May 11 '15 at 21:34

Did you restart the ssh service? Are two consecutive SSH logins (within a minute or two) both slow?

Perform ssh -vvv user@host from the client to see where it waits.

If that does not help, you might stop the SSH service (if you have other ways to access the host) and start SSH in the foreground with debugging on: sshd -Dd. Then try to make a SSH connection and see what the server is doing.

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