I ran apt-get install raspberrypi-net-mods on my Raspberry Pi running Raspbian and got the following message:-

The following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required:
  git git-man liberror-perl rsync
Use 'apt-get autoremove' to remove them.

I am confused. Why does apt-get think these "are no longer required"? I use rsync often and git from time to time.

Would this remove these, or have they been provided elsewhere - if so how would I check?

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Whenever a package is installed automatically by apt-get because it’s a dependency of some other package, apt-get notes that fact; then if it notices that nothing depends on such a package any more, it will suggest that the package be removed. This is particularly useful for libraries.

That’s all that’s meant by “no longer required”: apt-get doesn’t know whether you’re using the packages or not, but it knows that they were installed automatically and nothing depends on them any more.

To tell apt-get that a package shouldn’t be considered as automatically installed, run apt-mark and mark it as manual[ly installed]:

apt-mark manual git rsync

Or install it explicitly (this won’t do anything if the latest version of the package is already installed, except mark it as manually installed):

apt-get install git rsync

Since these packages are already installed, apt-get won’t install them again, but it will mark them as explicitly installed and won’t suggest their removal. (If the packages aren’t the newest versions available, apt-get will upgrade them.)


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