I am using smartmontools 6 and redhat5.In my smartmontool, smartd dameaon is working fine that means logs at the location of /opt/smarttool/logs changes at every 30 minute.

logs file name are:

  1. savestatesWDC_WD2500AAKX_221CA1-WD_WMAYUA520570.ata.state

  2. attributelogWDC_WD2500AAKX_221CA1-WD_WMAYUA520570.ata.csv

  3. attributelogTRANSCEND-20100412____CF1007B4.ata.csv

Now I want to execute a test using smartd by updating entries in smartd.conf file. At many sites I read that logs generates at the location of /var/log/messages when error or failure occurs. But I don't know that error occurred or not while executing the test or logs are not generated at the location of /var/log/messages.

Is there any way to know test was successfully completed or not because I want to save the status of test that means completed or not or failure or error.​

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You can send yourself mails when smartd scans detect and issue, see e.g. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Smartmontools#Actions_in_case_of_trouble or https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/S.M.A.R.T.#Email_potential_problems on how to do that. For some events or if you want to set custom thresholds you might need to adjust the smart.conf file

Or you can configure syslog so that smart errors/critical issues (or anything else that might come up during a smartd-triggered check) get a separate logfile or a separate syslog facility, which you can easily monitor as you like. Check the NOTES section at the bottom of the smart man page for details on the required changes to syslog configuration. For more details on syslog configuration with smartd, check http://blog.stalkr.net/2009/10/logging-smartd-messages-with-rsyslog.html

If you want to check the logs against the current status of the drives, run some manually triggered short tests with smartctl and compare that to what you see in the logs.

Hope this answers your question, if not please specify what is missing.

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