I want to ask the distro cosmopolitans of you for a distibution recommendation for my special needs.

I'm coming from arch linux, which is really fine I like to be virtually on upstream software and I like not to be forced to format my system every half year. Super choice, but I am not satisfied with package releases (e.g. recently broke VMplayer since a kernel compiled with gcc from testing was released). However I am searching a distribution which is almost as bleeding edge like arch and where I am free to choose non-free packages, unlike fedora, which was a strong favorite. It should be a rolling release, easy to use (no gentoo) and capable of serving the daily "productive" needs.

Is there such a distro at all?

  • Stack Exchange is really not the place for opinion polls. – muru May 9 '15 at 15:50
  • I did not ask for an opinion, The answer is want really offers not much room for an opinion, if there is one at all. – ManuelSchneid3r May 10 '15 at 10:46

Manuel, you have incompatible requirements. You want bleeding edge and production. IMHO you do not need super duper fresh packages, but stable packages. You can take a look on CentOS or Oracle Linux. Both of them offer quite contemporary packages plus rock solid reliability

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