On other unix systems,simply set "dtsession" on .xstartup file of vnc start the cde session. On aix i have this problem when i start the session,appear only an error message

The DT messaging system could not be started
to correct the problem
1. Choose ok to return to the login screen
2. Select Failsave session from the login screen's option menu and login.
3. Check to see that the hostname is correct in:
Other hostname problems can be corrected by using the command:
smit mktcpip
4. For additional info, see the DT User's Guide.

I make some checks hostname report correct hostname OK hostname -s report correct hostname short OK dig myhostname report correctly,also dig -x ip report OK I have set also order local,bind in /etc/netsvc.conf I forgot,i'm on vnc,and i have set xstartup like this

xsetroot -solid grey
vncconfig -iconic &
#xterm -geometry 80x24+10+10 -ls -title "$VNCDESKTOP Desktop" &

exec /usr/dt/bin/dtsession &

As suggested here i also did

cp /usr/dt/appconfig/types/C/* ~/.dt/types/

But nothing

Any suggestion? Thanks


Solution found: a bad .profile or .bashrc try with another user "virgin" and all works fine. Problem was UTF8,a solution can be to export another language on xstartup

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