I'm trying to get WordPress downloaded and installed via Ansible and I can't seem to figure out what I'm doing wrong here. First I download via the get_url module then I attempt to use the unarchive module to move the source to my synced folder.


wp_debug: true
wp_version: 4.2.1
auto_up_disable: false
core_update_level: false


- name: Download WordPress
  get_url: url=http://wordpress.org/wordpress-{{ wp_version }}.tar.gz dest=/var/www/wordpress-{{ wp_version }}.tar.gz

- name: Extract archive
  unarchive: src=/var/www/wordpress-{{wp_version}}.tar.gz dest={{site.www_root}}

Error Message enter image description here

Then when I ssh into the vagrant box... enter image description here

Specs: Ubuntu 14.04, Ansible 1.9.1, Vagrant 1.7.2, OSX Yosemite

Notes: site.www_root is set to /var/www/wordpress


It seems like copy parameter for unarchive module is what tripped you up. http://docs.ansible.com/unarchive_module.html states:

  • -If copy=yes (default), local path to archive file to copy to the target server; can be absolute or relative.

  • -If copy=no, path on the target server to existing archive file to unpack.

In essence get_url downloaded your file to your remote server, but unarchive tried to extract it from your local machine.

Your 2nd task should be updated as such:

- name: Extract archive
  unarchive: src=/var/www/wordpress-{{wp_version}}.tar.gz
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    copy=no has since been deprecated in favor of remote_src=yes for this operation – Willem van Ketwich Dec 9 '16 at 4:25

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