I'm working with a system to automatically assemble Live CDs. It came packaged with a kernel (seemingly based on 3.13.11), that has been working without problems so far.

I noticed that, when I try the Live CD on a tablet, I can move the cursor around, but can't click and think that the reason is that the created Live CD does not pack hid-multitouch.ko.

To test my hypothesis, I put the one from my current kernel into the Live CD's files and ran depmod but, as expected, the versions do not match.

I thought that compiling the 3.13.11 kernel and then compiling its modules would do the trick, but unfortunately it didn't, they were still incompatible.

The precompiled kernel is named, but the starting bytes look like kernels from the 2.6 series and not like the 3.1* series (I compiled some to compare, not a large enough sample though).

I tried changing the vermagic string inside hid-multitouch.ko, but that didn't work either, unfortunately.

Also, changing the kernel completely somehow hinders the resulting Live CD from booting since it can't mount the iso9660 filesystem even though I compiled it once with the needed module inside and outside the kernel.

EDIT: Compiling the latest Ubuntu kernel with isofs.ko builtin did the trick. Has something to do with initrd not accessing modules.

Except for the name I don't really have an idea what that kernel is about.

This seems to be a highly specific problem with many variables, but I hope there might be a more generic problem at the root.

  • I ended up throwing the kernel away and compiling my own, which suits my needs. I'm still interested in possible answers, though. – Minix Jun 30 '16 at 22:36

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