I'm using ack to search for a string. When I run it without a file argument, I get line numbers:

$> ack function
7:Drupal's sub-theme functionality to ensure easy maintenance and upgrades.

48:    # - The dump() function can be used in Twig templates to output information


But when I try to specify a file, I don't get line numbers.

$> ack function themes/README.txt
Drupal's sub-theme functionality to ensure easy maintenance and upgrades.

I've done some googling for a switch, but found no results. How do I get ack to show me line numbers on results from a single file?


When you don't provide any file, ack will search for all files in current directory and subdirectories. If a file contains matching pattern, ack print that filename, the line number and the line which matched pattern.

This behaviour does not apply for one file (See ack documentation, search for -H option).

Since when ack doesn't have -n option line grep, which will print line matched with its relative line number, you have two choices to work around this issue.

Forcing ack print filename with -H:

ack -H pattern file

or passing /dev/null as the second file:

ack pattern file /dev/null

You can try with option --with-filename:

ack --with-filename 'function' themes/README.txt

This issue is raised as bug and issue has been moved here.


There should be an option for this. But if there isn't, you can trick ack into thinking there are two files to search through, by passing an extra /dev/null on the command line:

ack function themes/README.txt /dev/null

On a side note, the same trick can be used to make grep(1) show you a filename even when you're searching a single file:

grep function themes/README.txt /dev/null

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