The client seems absent in the repositories in the latest Antergos Linux.

Although here it is said that it is supposed to be accessible via AUR.


MEGA is now offering a megasync package for ArchLinux. You can download it from: https://mega.nz/#sync. It will also configure their official repo, so that updates will work and you can install nautilus extension.


The discussion under the AUR page seemed confusing to me but what worked in the end was the Comment by sarri-on, saying that megasync 2.0.0-2 has some problem with the checksums. The solution is:

  • Download only the PKGBUILD file

    yaourt -G megasync
  • Install ignoring integrity checksum

    cd /tmp/yaourt-tmp-username/megasync

But in my case the path was


So, I opened there a terminal and ran:

makepkg -i --skipinteg PKGBUILD

Which got me this:

==> Missing dependencies:  
-> c-ares  
-> crypto++


sudo pacman c-ares


sudo pacman -S crypto++

And then again:

makepkg -i --skipinteg PKGBUILD
  • makepkg can install dependencies itself, just pass it the -s or --syncdeps argument. Your first pacman command doesn't look right, either, it's missing the -S or --sync operation and both pacman commands should also have the --asdep flag. – Wieland May 5 '15 at 7:40

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