TL;DR summary: is there a knowledge base anywhere for getting stuff like firefox to work well with breeze-dark?

The new light-on-dark KDE theme, breeze-dark, is great. I love it. However, some non-KDE apps work HORRIBLY with it, esp. when you enable the breeze-dark GTK theme.

I have

  • Settings -> colors -> options -> apply colors to non-KDE4 applications enabled
  • Settings -> Application Style -> Gnome Application Style (GTK):
    • GTK3 Theme: Default
    • Icon theme: Breeze Dark.

To enable breeze-dark for kde stuff in the first place:

  • Settings->Application Style-> Widget Style: Breeze
  • Settings->Workspace Theme -> Cursor Theme: Breeze
  • Settings->Workspace Theme -> Desktop Theme: Breeze Dark
  • Settings->Colors->Scheme->Breeze Dark

Some tweaks to window titlebar color I like for breeze-dark.

Anyway, some web pages in FF end up with textboxes where you enter black text on a grey background. I have https://addons.mozilla.org/en-Us/firefox/addon/breeze-dark/.

I had to mess with eclipse to get it usable with breeze-dark (by picking a theme with http://eclipsecolorthemes.org/), but links still show dark blue on a gray background, which is very hard to read.

So the question: Is there a wiki or other kind of collection of tweaks / patches / stuff for non-KDE apps to make them usable with breeze-dark? I like breeze-dark enough that I'm willing to spend time messing with some of the software I use, but I don't want to waste time solving problems other people have already solved. And I could put stuff I figure out somewhere that others can benefit.

I unfortunately don't have the rep on this sub-site to create a new tag. Can someone please add breeze-dark for me, and take out this paragraph?

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The problem is that you need a GTK theme for the GTK apps to look like the KDE ones. For that there's an attempt being developed


and it already supports the Dark variation in the GTK3 version:


  • Is a theme really all that's needed? I think some apps may have colors that aren't theme-chosen, and those colors work poorly with a dark theme. KDE's settings UI can already set a breeze-dark gtk3 theme. I'll check it out, though, thanks. Commented Jun 3, 2015 at 17:05

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